Amnesty International Benefit Pelon
Amnesty International Benefit Pelon
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Amnesty International Benefit Pelon

  • Cloth $48 $48 $0 New
  • Cloth $48 $48 $0 New
  • Amnesty International Benefit
Item Number:
  • COW860604-PE
  • Jun 4, 1986
  • 16" x 20"

Pelons are extremely rare "practice pieces" for the early t-shirt designs. Before production was initiated, the image or design was tested on cotton cloth or burlap to determine the color and line accuracy of the piece. Only a few of the "tests" were preserved once the design was deemed acceptable and the t-shirt went into production.

Jack Healy of Amnesty International sought out Bill Graham to produce a tour that would focus attention on their efforts world-wide over the last 25 years. The tour quickly took shape after Bono of U2 signed on, but the undertaking was not without crises. An early venue lost money, and there was a contentious meeting about television rights. In the end, the tour served as excellent promo for the participating bands, the concerts were sold out, and MTV filmed the grand finale at Giant's Stadium.