The Guess Who Poster
The Guess Who Poster
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The Guess Who Poster

Seller: Harold Feiger

  • 1st Printing $110 $110 $0 Very Good
  • 1st Printing $110 $110 $0 Very Good
Item Number:
  • TRN700529-PO
  • May 29, 1970
  • 11 5/8" x 18 1/2"
About Randy Tuten

Randy Tuten is the only poster artist whose work spans five decades of design for The Fillmore. The 23 year-old San Francisco native was hired by Bill Graham in January, 1969, and their mutual taste for traditional, readable design style led to a long-lasting work relationship. Although influenced by the compositions of "Fillmore Five" artists Mouse, Kelley and Griffin, Tuten avoided "... Heavy meaning in my posters." Tuten's style reflected his skill as a draftsman, and his designs evolved into an eclectic mix of graphic imagery, lettering and photographs.