The Beautiful South Proof
The Beautiful South Proof
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The Beautiful South Proof

  • 1st Printing $43 $43 $0 Mint
  • 1st Printing $43 $43 $0 Mint
Item Number:
  • F427-PF
  • Oct 27, 2000
  • 14" x 20"
About Frank Wiedemann

Frank Wiedemann's accomplishments include a dizzying list of projects: web page design, logos, business cards, book covers, wine labels, posters, product photography and T-shirts. Educated at the Rhode Island School of Design, Wiedemann has been a freelance graphic artist in the Bay Area since 1987. He has designed for Bill Graham Presents since the late 1990s, and his posters reflect the breadth of his talent in their various moods, lettering and artistic styles.