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Psychedelic Solution Acquisition, November 4, 2004


The Vault acquires comprehensive collection of authentic poster art

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (November 4, 2004)--Wolfgang's Vault, the world's premier online site for live concert music and memorabilia, announces its acquisition of assets from the personal collection of rock poster connoisseur Jacaeber Kastor. Included in the purchase is the entire inventory of Kastor's New York-based store and gallery, Psychedelic Solution, plus all intellectual property and copyrights pertaining to the company, including the Psychedelic Solution poster series and related trademarks. The posters, handbills, postcards, flyers and other items included in the purchase represent a significant addition to the Vault's archive.

Jacaeber Kastor's personal and professional collections are estimated to include pieces numbered in the hundreds of thousands. The archive includes complete, cataloged Family Dog, Bill Graham and Fillmore East, Grande Ballroom and Neon Rose poster series. In addition, Kastor's archive boasts comprehensive Rick Griffin and Jimi Hendrix collections, many which are original and one-of-a-kind, plus rare Grateful Dead, early San Francisco Mime Troupe, Joint Shows, benefit concerts, international concert posters and a sweeping collection of classic, high-end original poster art.

Kastor is a leading expert in the poster industry and has, over the past 37 years, created one of the world's largest poster art collections. His extensive knowledge of printing variations, documented in a comprehensive resource, has been an asset to collectors around the globe in assessing their own purchases. Psychedelic Solution became a New York City haven for artists and music aficionados, and Kastor regularly hosted gallery shows to feature veteran and novice poster artists. Kastor continues to contribute his expertise to collectors and purchasers worldwide.

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