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Peace Rock Acquisition, February 4, 2004


The Vault's archive now includes the entire collection of unique online poster seller

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (February 4, 2004)--Wolfgang's Vault, the world's premier online site for live concert music and memorabilia, announces the acquisition of Peace Rock, a large online poster retailer based in Florida. This purchase includes all assets and property of Peace Rock, including the entire inventory of memorabilia sold through the company website, an assorted collection of original posters, photographs, tickets, flyers, backstage passes, handbills and clothing, plus all intellectual copyrights and registered trademarks pertaining to these special assets. The entire Peace Rock collection is now available exclusively at Wolfgang's Vault.

Peace Rock was founded by Toni Franklin in 1997 and quickly became a leading source of music and culture posters. The collection includes original poster art and other pieces of memorabilia with political and cultural themes like astrology images, 1960s and '70s anti-war sentiments, blacklight posters, and psychedelic subjects. Also represented are rare Jimi Hendrix posters and concert art for musicians like the Byrds, the Grateful Dead, the Charlatans and Big Brother and the Holding Company, as well as posters from small venues and obscure bands.

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