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New York Post, August 13, 2006


Mag selects 50 Web pages that capture surfers' hearts

Hopelessly lost on the information highway?

Techie tour guides at Time magazine are releasing their annual list of the 50 coolest Web sites - from music-streaming sites to travel blogs. The list, out this week on, profiles sites by category and includes Web technology and real estate appraisal sites. streams live performances from '60s and '70s rock stars, while is a hot sports blog.

There's, a do-it-yourself-at-home blog, and, a site that offers clothes and accessories sported by the Lindsay Lohans of the world and cuts out the snotty sales people. determines what sites you are linking to the most and puts it on your homepage.

You may not want to quit your day job right away, but, a self-publishing site that aims to turn your blog into a book, will debut in September. You design the entire format - colors, hardcover and dust jacket - with prices starting at $29.95 per copy.

And bookmark this: - a site that gives New Yorkers public transportation directions from their starting to finishing point.

By Elizabeth Wolff

50 cool Web sites
  • Artist collaborative blog
  • Interactive video editor
  • Artsy Web sites
  • Live-performance streamer
  • Photography database
  • Podcast directory
  • Radio streaming
  • Daily video blog
  • Video-sharing
  • Cellphone guide
  • Cooking blog
  • Arts-'n'-craft blog
  • Fashionable shopping
  • Movie reviews
  • Online shopping blog
  • Bartering site
  • Online magazine
  • Field reporting
  • Charity reviewer
  • Business articles
  • Blog aggregator
  • Sports blog
  • Interactive news site
  • Creative clock
  • Top social-networking site
  • Interactive spreadsheets
  • Instant messaging
  • Friend locator
  • Karaoke-lovers forum
  • Celebrity gossip blog
  • Online games
  • Dancing anime
  • Cute animal photos
  • Digital canvas & paint
  • Number puzzles
  • Urban car sharing
  • Airfare prediction site
  • Travel search engine
  • Real-estate estimator
  • Public transport directions
  • Interactive guid to the park
  • Hospitality customer reviews
  • "Intelligent" search engine
  • Categorized search engine
  • Organizes search engine
  • Video search engine
  • Telephone directory software
  • Self-publishing
  • Restaurant take-out service
  • Web defense application

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