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The Washington Times, March 12, 2006

The Vault rocks

Wolfgang's Vault ( is the place to view and buy incredible photography, poster art and promotional material highlighting some of the best bands from the 1960s to 1980s.

Using a collection culled from rock promoter Bill Graham's estate of memorabilia, entrepreneur Bill Sagan set up the site, aptly named using Mr. Graham's birth moniker (Wolfgang Grajonca), to give fans some incredible imagery and, obviously, make tons of money.

Visitors who can't afford to pay $750 for a copy of a Van Halen photo taken by Joseph Sia in 1978 can simply enjoy a stroll through the virtual museum while listening to Vault Radio. The site's latest addition, Vault Radio gives visitors a free broadcast of musical memories culled from the massive audio archives of shows purchased from the art estate.

The streaming smorgasbord of sound uses a version of Real Player transmitted at 128k and offers a continuous selection of tracks (roughly 80 to 100) that are changed every Tuesday morning to provide an unbelievable selection from rock history.

The player's interface lists the name of the artist, song, venue and date it was played and also shows a photo rotating with facts about the performer.

A short list of the music I felt privileged to hear includes George Harrison performing "My Life" at the Los Angeles Forum on Nov. 12, 1974; Cream playing "White Room" at the Oakland Coliseum Arena on Oct. 4, 1968; Elton John pounding out "Honky Tonk Woman" at the Fillmore West on Nov. 11, 1970; Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young performing "Wooden Ships" at Roosevelt Speedway on Sept. 8, 1974; and the Grateful Dead playing "Samson and Delilah" at Winterland on Dec. 31,1978.

Lovers of classic rock will not find a better historical source for their favorite music anywhere on the Internet.

By Joseph Szadkowski

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