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Indianapolis Star, December 16, 2005

Cool Dot Com

Wolfgang's vault

You can roam this site for high-end (many items more than $1,000) rock 'n' roll memorabilia, such as signed posters and photographs and collectible concert tickets and backstage passes. Buy a Marilyn Manson straitjacket stage costume for $866. See

Saddam trial blog

The law school at Case Western Reserve hosts this blog, in which a panel of legal experts comments on the Baghdad goings-on, which the site calls "arguably the most important war-crimes proceeding since Nuremberg." Top of the agenda when we checked in was speculation about what motivates Ramsey Clark, the radicalized former U.S. attorney general, who joined Hussein's defense team. It's at

Watch out for these

Parents of video game-obsessed youngsters will want to check out Family Media Guide's list of the 10 Most Violent Games of 2005:

Pryor tops Zeitgeist

Richard Pryor, the pioneering, irreverent comedian who died Dec. 10 at age 65, was first on Google Zeitgeist's list of gaining queries for the week ending Dec. 13. San Quentin inmate Stanley "Tookie" Williams, who was denied clemency Dec. 12, and was executed Dec. 13, was second. John Lennon, who was killed 25 years ago on Dec. 8, was third. To see what else Web surfers are looking for, go to

Zebra tights?

Many shopping sites insist that they've covered all the bases. Shopzilla says it has everything "from air conditioners to zebra tights," available from the 45,000 online stores that list products there. Check out

eBay sniper

To win a competitive online auction, you might need to use "sniper" software that's designed to automatically up the ante at the very last minute. Type "eBay sniper" in the search field at this site for a list of available programs:


Get the facts on acne at this site, which offers treatment options, product reviews, success stories and related links:

Mitchell House tour

Take a virtual tour of Atlanta's own Margaret Mitchell House and Museum at this site, which has membership info, history, shopping and more:

Compiled by Harold Wiley

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