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The News & Observer, December 12, 2005

Rock 'n' roll will never die on the Internet

An announcement that bands of debatable genius Black Sabbath and Blondie are among the latest inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame gave us reason to explore the wide world of rock-related Web sites.

Rock hall: Introduced with a Buddy Holly quote honoring the eternal supremacy of rock's king, Elvis, the Web site of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has a "Today in rock history" feature, an animated music time line and a schedule of the museum's traveling exhibitions. When we checked in, the site was in search of people who attended an Elvis Presley performance at Cleveland's Brooklyn High School in October 1955.

Rock reason: This clever "Web book," titled "Reason to Rock: Rock Music as an Art Form," explores rock music and poetry � and links many of its pages to facilitate music downloads and CD purchases. The author asks for feedback in advance of a print publication. Fire away.

Unsigned bands: Part of a user-edited online community called the "open directory project," this site lists resources for independent musicians in search of their audiences. Included sites give advice on guerrilla marketing, getting gigs, setting up online and navigating the recording industry.

Wolfgang's vault: You can roam this site for high-end (many items over $1,000) rock 'n' roll memorabilia, such as signed posters and photographs, and collectible concert tickets and backstage passes. Buy a Marilyn Manson straitjacket stage costume for $866.

Band list. This is one outlet for unknown artists, who can use the site to post song samples, list appearances, and collect fans. We spent our employer's time listening to Toronto band Grounded Outlet, Houston's Brother to Brother, and SmokingBill, of Seattle.

By Reid Kanaley

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