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College News, November 16, 2005

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Websites touting classic memorabilia, musician meeting place

Anything can be found on the Internet. Clothes, food, books, and movies can be ordered and delivered right to your front door. The music industry has changed significantly since the inception of the Net. iPods are all the rage so consumers are downloading more songs online than buying CDs in stores. Two websites explaining this trend are - the one-stop shop for rock memorabilia - and, connecting artists together.

Wolfgang's Vault is the premier online resource for rock memorabilia. The site, founded in October 2003, has an expansive collection of rock posters, vintage t-shirts, concert photos, concert tickets and more from the 60s to today. The majority of Wolfgang's merchandise comes from Bill Graham's - the father of the modern rock concert - extensive collection of musical artifacts and rock memorabilia.

The site consists of items from over 17,000 concerts worldwide of acts, such as U2, Pearl Jam, 311, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Guns N'Roses, to name just a few. Most items are under $100, and the website offers a 40 percent discount for college students ( Peruse the merchandise, and fill your "cart" with as many items as you want. All major credit cards are accepted, and the items are available for shipment to over 50 different countries. This site is a gem for anyone who loves music.

Finding the right musician for a professional performance or casual jam session usually meant posing a flyer in a music store or depending on word-of-mouth. Since the inception of the Internet, this all has changed.

Musician's Lair is a new website that provides an online environment where musicians, singers, and bands can locate and interact with other musicians. The site enables musicians of all ability levels to connect with fellow artists through a comprehensive database, which ensures privacy through usernames and discreet messaging.

On the site, individual musicians or bands post an extensive user profile describing instruments played, ability level, general interests, music style and location. Bands using the website can identify and fill empty positions, while solo musicians search band listings for openings. Members can post ads to sell various items in the classifieds section or create and print customized flyers to advertise their upcoming performances. A new feature is the opportunity for members to create their own webpage.

By College News Editorial Staff

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