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Study Breaks Magazine, November 1, 2005

Stuff You Must

01. Vintage RCA Record Player - $30
Yes, I know you wish you owned this but you don't. I do. You can, however, pick up something almost as cool at pawn shops across the city. Do not let them rape you on the price but also check the quality, especially the speaker cable connectors. Do yourself a favor and replace the needle with something decent. Hook up to good speakers with at least medium gauge wiring and you've got a real sound system.

02. Retro/Vintage T-Shirts - $20-$80 is a sick source for all things vintage and retro that has to do with music. They have a phenomenal collection of vintage and retro poster art, photography, t-shirts, backstage memorabilia and lots more. Their Roxy Music shirt is perfect for parties and indie rock shows where you don't want to see someone else with your shirt. The 1974 Black Fire Fighters Convention shirt is perfect for third coast hip-hop shows for those of us that hate basketball jerseys or can't find a 713 Dreams jersey that doesn't look like a mumu on our comparatively miniscule frames.

03. 7" - $0.50 - $8
The simple fact is you're not a complete human until you own some vinyl - particularly seven inch vinyl. Aside from the obvious punk record cred, these excellent pieces tend to give you rare or otherwise unreleased tracks by bands both obscure and well-known. Pictured is a small section featuring The Soviettes, Les Savy Fav, Spiritualized, Eurythmics, some obscure Japanese experimental shit, some obscure Norwegian indie shit, and of course, some Motown. Check local record shops such as Piranha, End of an Ear, Waterloo, Cheapo, or Snake Eyes to get some more than you could ever hope to afford.

04. Local Indie Guitar Strap - $25
No matter what, it's always best to go indie and local. Austin's Sparkle Craft creates very stylish guitar straps in a massive variety of unique styles and fabrics. If you're not man enough for the flower print perhaps you could rock some stripes or lightning bolts or something. Whatever your desires, there will be a strap with your name on it. Aside from just looking cool and unique, these straps are definitely tour worthy - just be sure to carry a crappy effects pedal with which to be able to swiftly bludgeon any jackass that decides to spill beer on your goods.

By Daniel Perlaky

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