Ringo Starr Fine Art Print
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Ringo Starr Fine Art Print

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  • MSG710801-04-16-FP
  • The Concert for Bangladesh
  • Aug 1, 1971

The fight to make Bangladesh an independent nation caused a severe refugee problem made worse by torrential downpours and devastating flooding. Bengali sitar player Ravi Shankar and his buddy George Harrison decided to throw a benefit concert to raise money to help the situation. Ringo Starr was on board and John Lennon too, until an argument ensued with Yoko because Harrison didn't want her to participate. Lennon ended up leaving New York two days before the concert. The afternoon and evening shows at Madison Square Garden brought 40,000 people to the concert and the program was studded with stars including Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Leon Russell, Badfinger, and Bob Dylan. An album and film were released, and the benefit raised millions of dollars for the people of Bangladesh.

About Joe Sia

Joe Sia was a shooting star, a genuine, hands-down, everyone-agrees-on-this star at shooting [photographs], and his departure from this planet in 2003 at the tender age of 57 was too soon for a man of his talent. Born in the Bronx and a committed Yankees man, Joe loved music and gravitated around the Fillmore East and the flower-power youth-culture rock scene from whence he set out to capture some of the most incredible sounds of the last half-century. How could Joe capture sounds on camera film? He did it by focusing on the faces of the performers and the woozing-oozing crowd and by giving the background, whether simple or wild, the importance it deserved in defining the artist and event. Sia's entire archive consists more than a quarter of a million photographs that document almost 35 years of music genre and giants.