Ravi Shankar Poster
Ravi Shankar Poster
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Ravi Shankar Poster

  • 1st Printing $80 $80 $0 Mint
  • 1st Printing $80 $80 $0 Mint
  • Dark Horse
Item Number:
  • ZZZ001630-A-PO
  • Nov 2, 1974
  • 13 7/8" x 14"

George Harrison's Dark Horse tour was launched from Vancouver and rattled his Beatles-music-loving fan base with the decidedly un-Beatles inclusion, indeed emphasis, of Ravi Shankar's Indian orchestra. Further upending expectations, the Beatles' numbers Harrison did sing, in a voice strained by overuse in practice halls, were modified with lyrics that spoke of God. Judging by the lukewarm reception from fans and critics, the audience regarded the tour as a bait and switch operation and effectively told Harrison he wouldn't easily slip the yoke of Beatles-style music.

This item was part of Bill Graham's personal collection and shows some damage from the May 7, 1985 firebombing of his San Francisco office. The attack stemmed from Graham's open and honest criticism of President Reagan's visit to Bitburg Cemetery published in the San Francisco Chronicle.