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Tom Petty BG Archives Print

Blockbuster Pavilion in Glen Helen (San Bernadino, CA) Sep 3, 1982 (BPG820903-04-CP)

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  • Tom Petty


  • Ken Friedman
  • Tour/Show: The US Festival
  • Date: Sep 3, 1982
  • Location: Blockbuster Pavilion in Glen Helen (San Bernadino, CA)
  • Price: $125.00 - $200.00
  • Members: $65.25 - $105.00
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The US Festival was a massive undertaking promoted by Bill Graham and sponsored by Steve Wozniak of Apple Computers. It was the first major festival in over a decade that wasn't a charity event; the 3-day concert was simply a celebration of technology. The US Festival was the earliest large concert to use video screens, and the onstage action was also broadcast live to MTV viewers at home. There were large air-conditioned tents featuring the "US Festival Technology Exposition" which was an impressive presentation of then-cutting edge computers, software, and electronic music devices. The event took place in 105 degree heat, hosted 400,000 people, saw 12 overdoses and 36 arrests, and was a commerical failure (with losses totaling $12.5 million), but that didn't discourage Wozniak from sponsoring another US Festival the following year.

Bill Graham knew that the rock concerts BGP staged were unique events and by the early 1970s regularly assigned staff photographers to range the venues and capture the scenes on film. We are now pleased to present them to you as our Concert Photos collection. Incredible, slice-of-life portraits of the performers and crowds that freeze-frame an era, our Concert Photos are archival quality and are available in 11x14 and 16x20 prints (more sizes upon special request).

Wolfgang's Vault also licenses the use of our Concert Photos to television, film and other agencies for advertising and other purposes. Please contact us for more information.