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The Band Poster

Winterland (San Francisco, CA) Nov 25, 1976 (WIN761125-PO)

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  • The Band
  • Paul Butterfield
  • Bobby Charles
  • Eric Clapton
  • Neil Diamond
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  • Bob Dylan & The Band
  • Tour/Show: The Last Waltz
  • Artist:
    • Bob Cato
    • Michael Manoogian
    • Georges Hugnet
  • Date: Nov 25, 1976
  • Venue: Winterland (San Francisco, CA)
  • Size: 20 1/2" x 28 1/2"
  • Price: $255.00
  • Members: $191.25
1st Printing $255 $191.25
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The recently road-shy Robbie Robertson had a dream; cap this phase of The Band's creativity with a grand musical finale from the place it all started, the Winterland Ballroom. Venue-miester Bill Graham signed on, and signed them, immediately, and so began plans for an incredible evening of turkey plus trimmings [a Graham Thanksgiving tradition], ballroom dancing and multiple bands, all captured for posterity in a film that was conceived as 'let's video this for the archives' and grew into a Martin Scorsese-directed number. The chandelier-decked stage and smooth transition from dinner to rock din belied the murderous atmosphere backstage. Graham and Robertson knocked heads often in the planning stages, expenses skyrocketed, epithets were hurled, and Bob Dylan refused to be filmed at the very last minute. Fancy footwork on Graham's part saved the night and got the footage. The Last Waltz was more than the movie; it was a total experience.

This item was part of Bill Graham's personal collection and shows some damage from the May 7, 1985 firebombing of his San Francisco office. The attack stemmed from Graham's open and honest criticism of President Reagan's visit to Bitburg Cemetery published in the San Francisco Chronicle.