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The Allman Brothers Band Fine Art Print

Fillmore East (New York, NY) Jun 27, 1971 (FME710627-02-13-FP)

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  • The Allman Brothers Band


  • Joe Sia
  • Tour/Show: Last show at Fillmore East
  • Type: Black & White Photo
  • Date: Jun 27, 1971
  • Location: Fillmore East (New York, NY)
  • Price: $250.00 - $450.00
  • Members: $187.50 - $337.50
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The final Fillmore East show has been called the Last Dance, but it was more dramatic than that; it was a bitter pill to swallow for rock fans everywhere. Pre-dating the Fillmore West's closing by a week, the finale capped a month-long series of outstanding performances by old friends and relative newcomers, many of whom had careers launched from the Fillmore's stage. Billed as a celebration featuring "Food, Drink and Joy," the last audience entered the auditorium to find a single red rose speared to the back of each seat and settled in to hear the Allman Brothers, J. Geils, Albert King, the Beach Boys and others deliver the venue's swan song. At the very end, Bill Graham and his staff gathered onstage for final farewells. It was dawn and it was over.

Photographer, Joe Sia, captured moments by focusing on the faces of the performers, the crowd, and by giving the background, whether simple or wild, the importance it deserved in defining the artist and event. Sia's entire archive consists more than a quarter of a million photographs that document almost 35 years of music genre and giants.

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