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Led Zeppelin 1960s Ticket

Winterland (San Francisco, CA) Nov 6, 1969 (BG199-T6)

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  • Led Zeppelin
  • The Bonzo Dog Band
  • Rahsaan Roland Kirk
  • Brotherhood Of Light
  • Artist:
    • Randy Tuten
  • Date: Nov 6, 1969 -
    Nov 8, 1969
  • Venue: Winterland (San Francisco, CA)
  • Price: $51.00 - $125.00
  • Members: $38.25 - $65.25
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Tuten acquiesced to the power of the blimp in this Led Zeppelin poster. The concert was typical Graham fare and mixed the goofy sounds of the Bonzo Dog Band with jazz-great Rahsaan Roland Kirk & His Vibration Society. Kirk insisted that his band be named on event posters and billboards, but occasionally, and to his great annoyance, the name didn't always fit. The poster gave a heads-up to Stones fans for their concert on Sunday.

Before the dawn of computers and bar codes, Bill Graham Presents printed their own concert tickets, many of which are now considered exceptional works of art in their own right. Small facsimiles or derivations of the show's promotional posters, they were typically color-coded to indicate multi-night engagements and represent a bygone era of extended, one-venue engagements by major performers. So that Bill could reconcile sales each night, patrons purchased tickets at the venue box office and handed them right back over at the door, thus ending up in the archive as mint condition concert tickets. We may occasionally and in select cases offer for sale one-of-a-kind, extremely rare and valuable concert tickets in less than mint condition.