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Iron & Wine / The Low Anthem Vinyl

Daytrotter Studio (Rock Island, IL) Jun 15, 2012 (ZZZ012227-VL)

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  • Iron & Wine / The Low Anthem
  • Iron & Wine
  • The Low Anthem
  • Artist:
    • Johnnie Cluney
  • Date: Jun 15, 2012
  • Venue: Daytrotter Studio (Rock Island, IL)
  • Price: $20.00
  • Members: $15.00
SOLD OUT $20 $15.00
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This is the first ever official, 12-inch release of Daytrotter sessions and it includes the recent tapings from Iron & Wine and The Low Anthem, a pair of recent tour mates and two of the best indie folk groups working in America. Limited to 1000 total copies, this record will go quickly. Both of these recordings show the spectacular thrill that can be contained in sparse arrangements and with the power of saddened human voices. Bound to be a collector's piece in a hurry.

Iron & Wine (Side A)

1. Godless Brother In Love

2. Tree By The River

3. Glad Man Singing

4. Naked As We Came

The Low Anthem (Side B)

5. Apothecary Love

6. Dreams Can Chase You Down

7. Ghost Woman Blues

8. I'll Take Out Your Ashes

9. Maybe So

The ultimate format of music listening. Our collection of vinyl includes never-before-released Concert Vault concerts and Daytrotter sessions. In addition, our used vinyl comes from famed rock photographer Joe Sia's personal collection. Used vinyl is available in limited quantities and has been previously listened to and loved.