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Merl Saunders’s live music career is chronicled in this rare series of Merl Saunders vintage concert posters as well as Merl Saunders vintage concert handbills, concert postcards and concert programs. Many posters in this fine art collection come from the historic Bill Graham Series and Family Dog Series of posters printed for concerts from the 1960’s and 70’s. Most offerings are original first printing posters - significant rock relics that look great framed and offer historic and colorful conversation pieces for home and office décor. These vintage posters were often hand rendered, and printed in limited edition runs so that very few originals of these rare prints remain in the world. Poster prices depend on several factors including the popularity of the famous rock image, rarity of available prints, quality of print, poster print editions and archival condition. Wolfgang’s Vault has hand curated and archived the Merl Saunders collection of concert posters and other poster art and provides proof of authenticity upon request.

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