Wolfgang's Vault - In The News - Advertising Age, March 13, 2006

Wolfgang's Vault In The News Advertising Age, March 13, 2006

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Advertising Age, March 13, 2006

It's Media Guy Raw!

Also Known As the Very First Reader Appreciation Week

Welcome to Media Guy RAW!, aka Reader Appreciation Week. I should start by noting that I get an insane amount of e-mail (increasingly from around the globe) in response to this column. While I'm not always able to personally answer every e-mail, I do actually read every single last one.

Speaking of simple, I got way too many SMP (Simple Media Pleasure) nominations (which I solicited from readers in my Feb. 13 column). But I'll single out one that came from Boston-based Dick Greenleaf, who is fond of wolfgangsvault.com, online home of the archives of legendary rock promoter Bill Graham. The site recently launched the streaming Internet station Vault Radio, which plays long-lost recordings of live performances by everyone from Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young to Stevie Wonder and The Sex Pistols. Truly astonishing.

By Simon Dumenco

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