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  • Hey man how’s it going? After seeing almost every Rock Band, that has blown the roof-off of every night club and major arena in the Bay Area, dating back from the late ‘70’s to present day. Finding your Music Vault is the best thing to happen to me & my friends, since sliced bread. (lol) So from my friends and myself I want to let U know how much we appreciate, reliving the past. THK’s ROCK-ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Randy L. 1/14/2011
  • Didn’t know how to leave feedback. I received my order (poster #BG059) today (12/13/10) at 3 pm PST by UPS. The poster is beautiful, perfect. Thank you! Anthony N. 12/13/2010
  • I just wanted to compliment you on your packaging and shipping. I buy a lot of collectables and posters and by far you have been the best at making sure it arrives to the customer in mint condition. I love my poster and thank you for your attention to detail and quality! Steve G. 12/06/2010
  • I got it, I can’t thank you enough and I have to say it kicks ass. You shipping container was like a bottle of children’s aspirin, one pain in the butt to get into - and that’s a GOOD thing. That poster was protected far more than I expected. It seems nobody ever writes a company unless there is a problem. I never want to be that guy. You guys are great and I will not hesitate to purchase physical items from you ever. And of course, I will pass that recommendation on to anybody who asks. You are gonna make my sister, the obnoxious Buffett fan, real happy this December 25th. Thanks again. Matthew B. 11/29/2010
  • The poster arrived today. Really is a very nice poster and is practically on top condition. A formidable masterpiece. Your service like always is perfect. We stay in touch, Best wishes, Luis R. 11/25/2010
  • Thank you for noticing me, and for your consistent good service! Lars L. 11/24/2010
  • Morning, I just wished to thank you and all the great people I met at WolfGV for the amazing time you spent with me. From the bottom of my heart many, many thanks and I shall pass onto the old man that somewhere in San Francisco are pictures of him (younger and prettier :) Your place is amazing and the people I met so nice. Thanks so much - you made my year. Double peace with a grand chocolate topping. Alex V. 11/22/2010
  • Hello, today I received my parcel. I also wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the way it was packed. Awesome. It was super perfect pack, and the tube was not damaged. Thank u for the good handling and good packing of this item. The item was also very nice. Greetings to all of you at Wolfgang’s Vault. Marcel V. 11/19/2010
  • Just wanted to say thanks for working with me on the Griffin prints…the Rondstadt poster a beauty… you folks are the best. Dave P. 11/15/2010
  • Perfect service! Cheers and have a good afternoon Joachim B. 11/15/2010
  • Re Handbill, Many thanks for the great item! It was beautifully packaged and arrived very quickly. I will certainly be buying from you again. Congrats to your team. Many thanks. Sue K. 10/12/2010
  • I just wanted to say “thanks.” The woman who helped me with my order was very helpful and said she would mail it off the same day. Must have because I received it a few days later. I was pleased to see how well it was packaged, especially since it was a very old Rolling Stone magazine. Well done! Steve W. 9/28/2010
  • Just received my order and couldn’t be more pleased. It was a gift for my wife and it brought her to tears. You do a super job, and I just wanted to make sure that you know that. You entire staff deserves a raise. Bless you and Bill Graham for his vision on preserving these artifacts for future generations. Archie B. 9/16/2010
  • Hello, I recently took a tour of your San Francisco location, and I would like to put in a good word for archivist Katherine York. She is very personable and provided me with the highlight of my recent trip to San Francisco. We spent several hours touring the archives/vault. It was an amazing and incredible experience to be in the presence of all that music history (and we just scratched the surface). I plan on going back someday to take the tour again and see even more stuff. I would like to tour the N.Y. location as well.

    Please keep Katherine York on your staff - her knowledge of all things Bill Graham is amazing. In short, I loved spending time with Katherine and touring the archive - she made it a memorable and thrilling experience. Best, Vince M. 7/29/2010
  • Hey! I am very impressed by the service I received today after I called to inquire about the specifics of two posters that I was considering for purchase. Annelise was fabulously helpful and delightfully polite. After asking her a few questions about the condition of two posters, she told me she’d pull them from the archive, examine them and call me back, which she did in less than 15 minutes. Suffice it to say that I’m delighted. Please pat her on the back for me and consider yourselves lucky to have her working there. Bob del G. 7/1/2010
  • Dear Katherine, I am pleased to report that the replacement Pink Floyd poster arrived safely this morning . My sincere thanks for your excellent service in this matter. Regards, Brian L. 6/29/2010
  • Arrived today! Not the originals, but who cares! I reckon the posters never looked better. They will look superb mounted in my studio. Thank you for a great resource, and wonderful music.

    I think that you guys keep the spirit alive (just a bit anyway-you probably use less speed)! Of course, the original posters are fantastic collectors’ items, but I want to decorate my small recording studio with inspiring art, and these reproductions do that. Wonderful colour, and the impact of the large size is great. I don’t download enough from you yet, I don’t know why, there is too much to choose from, I think! Anyhow, I’m sure I’ll be ordering again soon.

    PS, packed EXTREMELY well. Thanks again. Steve F. 6/21/2010
  • Greer / Katherine - I got the photos - everything reached in perfect condition and I must say the shipment was packed extremely well. The pictures are great and I am glad I decided to get them. Many thanks for everything. Sandeep D. 6/7/2010
  • Greer, I just wanted to let you know that I have received the replacement posters in perfect condition! What a pleasant surprise to have them waiting for me upon my return home this evening. Thank you so much for your prompt attention to my [UPS damage] claim. Brad K. 5/26/2010
  • Thanks! You guys are the greatest - this is my first order with WV but the customer service was fantastic and you can be sure “I’ll be back!!” Kudos to Greer for handling my change in [shipping and] handling issues perfectly! Cheers! Andy Z. 5/13/2010
  • Ordered a vintage poster. They contacted me before shipping to let me know about a nick in it. I said to send it anyway. The customer service was fantastic. Review on from “Surfer from New York” 5/7/2010
  • Hello. Just had to say how happy I am with my purchase. Dealt with Annelise, I did receive a call back from another female employee but Annelise was already in the “vault” finding the Natalie Merchant poster listed. I’m in N.J, Natalie has a signing in N.Y on wed - so I had to have it quick.

    She was very helpful getting the item you had and in time to me, so ill have it to bring. I’ll look at other items you have and would buy from you again no doubt. Thnx again, Mark V. 4/12/2010
  • The poster was delivered in perfect condition and faster than I would have thought. You have excellent packaging and service. Thanks, JC 4/8/2010
  • I got it now! Thanks for your sterling support… and for the entire wonderful site. Bravo! Steven 3/29/2010
  • Dear Wolfgang's Vault, You are the greatest! Will definitely be purchasing more now we have the size sorted out.
    You guys rock! Natalie M. 3/26/2010
  • Thanks SO much! Can’t wait to receive it. You guys are always great to deal with. Thanks for the great service, clothes, AND music! Christina S. 1/22/2010
  • I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your stellar customer service. I needed to exchange for size some t-shirts I purchased as a Christmas gift. I received the return authorization number by email and returned the shirts. The replacement order was shipped the same day the return was accepted and I received the shirts two days later.

    Beyond excellent. Thank you so much. I will definitely be shopping with you again and I will gladly recommend you to everyone. Susan C. 1/09/2010
  • To Greer and Kathy? ( I think?) Thanks so much, the posters got here 2day just as you said and I know my kids will be thrilled. I have never in my life recieved such personalized service and such hip people from a company on line! U guys need raises, anyway have a great holiday and again thanks a bunch Bruce E. 12/23/2009
  • Long time listener, first time writer…Had to write to acknowledge your superb service via Vault Store.
    I was on line last Sunday in Melbourne, Australia and placed an order for some vintage t-shirts and posters for the kids for Christmas. Package arrived sound as a pound on Thursday. Amazing. Now I have to hide it for 4 weeks from curious eyes--and decide if I should keep the Zappa poster for myself…
    Well done you. Nick H. 11/28/2009
  • Just a note to say thank you! I received my order today in the time given, in perfect condition. The shirts are exactly as advertised, and I'm sure to get many interesting comments when wearing them. I’ll be shopping with you again soon. John M. 10/19/2009
  • Merci, mahalo, gracias, thanks a steaming pantload!
    You guys may be the single best reason for having a computer & being online.
    The hours of gratification I have enjoyed using your service cannot be quantified nor understated.
    Thank you again for your assistance, advice & for this remarkable service you are providing.
    Please continue your excellent work. Jerry H. 8/25/2009
  • The posters arrived yesterday (Monday). I have been collecting/trading/buying/selling posters for 25 years (I even maintained a website for most of the current decade), and I am accustomed to a system of grading the condition of posters, handbills, etc. Since Wolfgang's Vault does not specifically grade each piece, I have always been skeptical (always meaning since the origin in 1996 or 1997…I forget the date). Regardless, I am extremely impressed by the condition of the BG084 and BG166 that you shipped to me. Both posters are in near mint condition. Super super nice. Many thanks Doug K. 8/4/2009
  • Wow --- thanks for the fantastic poster, which arrived swiftly and immaculately packed. thanks too for your friendly and thoughtful communication. The best! Peter T. 7/17/2009
  • Hi! Just wanted to send you a Thank You for the outstanding service, beautiful item, very, very secure packaging, and quick shipping! It is likely I will order again soon! Jeff T. 7/16/2009
  • I spoke with the very helpful Greer yesterday…Thank you so much for all your help. I enjoy the site and have recommended it to many friends. Now, I also can heartily recommend your customer service! Thank you again. Ann P. 6/26/2009
  • Hi I recently bought some wonderful birthday gifts for my husband on your site… By the way, every person, Katherine being the most recent, who have helped me on the phone have been amazingly helpful and friendly! Thank you Lindley W. 4/25/2009
  • i placed an order at your store today.Greer, the woman who took my order was wonderful.she was very helpful and friendly i will be sure to recommend this store to all of my is nice to see that there are still some nice people out there!!!thanks again Christina M. 2/4/2009
  • Thank you-thank you-thank you
    I recived Ozzy Osbourne poster 11:am today. As I open it Ozzy Osbourne's crazy train is playing in the background on the radio (what an omen). I don't see 1 flaw in it at all. Oh my God this is so sweeeeet. I am gettin tears in my eyes.
    thank you once again Anthony E. 1/23/2009
  • My order arrived today quickly and in great shape. Thank you so much for the care in packing the materials…best packaged material I have ever received…and of course the contents were superb, as advertised. Bruce U. 12/15/2008
  • I have received the shirt and want to thank you all so much for all your help. It’s quite rare to deal with such nice people who really care about their customers. Elizabeth K. 12/6/2008
  • My order was delivered today and I just wanted to say thanks for your great customer service. My poster was packaged perfectly ’not a crease. I have ordered a couple times before and always great service. Always quick and packaged professionally. My brother is going to love his Xmas present!!! thanks again!!! Veronica H. 11/26/2008