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example of advertising on Concert Vault

Wolfgang’s Vault is one of the world’s largest online destinations for everything related to live music. We bring our users over five decades of live music, deep editorial content and unparalleled access to vintage concert memorabilia. We stream some of the greatest performances, past and present, in the history of live entertainment.

Associating a brand with live music creates a connection with people that is unparalleled in today’s marketing environment. Engagement has become the key measurement of a successful marketing campaign. Our users are some of the most engaged and passionate users on the Internet.

By using IP- and profile-based demographic targeting, Wolfgang’s Vault delivers advertising messages with precision. We offer a broad range of advertising products: targeted display banners, rich media placements, and custom sponsorships. Contact us for more information and a proposal tailored to your margeting objectives.

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example of advertising on Crawdaddy!

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  • Mock-up of example advertising on Concert Vault
  • Mock-up of example advertising on Vault Store
  • Mock-up of example advertising on Concert Vault

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