Deal of the Week - Grateful Dead Poster

New Year's Eve 1993 at the Oakland Coliseum

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BGP085 - 1st Printing PosterOakland Coliseum Arena (Oakland, CA) Dec 31, 1993
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  • Performers: Grateful Dead
  • Artist: Randy Chavez
  • Date: Dec 31,1993
  • Venue: Oakland Coliseum Arena (Oakland, CA)
  • Size: 13" x 19"
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"Let's Go to Hawaii Instead" was a real poster for a bogus concert. Drawn as a joke for Bill Graham Presents employees, who said they'd forgo the usual New Year's Eve pandemonium for a trip to Hawaii, the poster for the concert that never occurred (nor was planned) featured perennial New Year's Eve performers The Grateful Dead. Artist Randy Chavez completed the joke by docking a few Deadheads on the deck.

This poster was only printed once is now available at 50% as our Deal of the Week.