Trips Festival Handbill
Trips Festival Handbill
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Trips Festival Handbill

  • 1st Printing $1,850 $1,850 $0 Very Good
  • 1st Printing $1,850 $1,850 $0 Very Good
  • Trips Festival
Item Number:
  • LSH660121-HB
  • Jan 21, 1966
  • 6 1/2" x 9 9/16"

From January 21-23, 1966, the open-minded from all over converged at San Francisco's Longshoremen's Hall for a continuous loop of sensory overload that was advertised, promoted and managed like one might push a county fair. The Festival gave the word 'experience' a whole new meaning as music, readings, light shows, dancing, dress up, and dress optional took over briefly in the Bay area. Bill Graham, who was just beginning to gain steam as a promoter, signed on as de facto organizer and almost lost his mind over the reigning chaos of the first 24 hours. The Trips Festival, however, proved to be Graham's 'initiation rite' into the emerging world of the dance concert which then became the rock concert.