Journey Poster
Journey Poster
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Journey Poster

  • 1st Printing $193 $193 $0 Mint
  • 1st Printing $193 $193 $0 Mint
  • Day on the Green #2
Item Number:
  • OCS800727-A-PO
  • Jul 27, 1980
  • 14 10/16" x 28"

Black Sabbath, in California on the U.S. leg of the Heaven & Hell tour, Molly Hatchet, Cheap Trick and cult-favorite Journey, recently famous for their March-release album "Departure," played to almost 90,000 at the Summer Blowout festival on the 26th. The same line-up plus Shakin' Street, a French band that sang in English, was scheduled to play Day on the Green #2 in Oakland the following day. Shakin' Street cancelled, however, and was replaced by Gamma for this concert. Shakin' Street hit the scene with their first album, "Vampire Rock," in 1978, released a self-titled album in '80 and dropped from view just a few years later.