Goodbye VD Benefit Poster
Goodbye VD Benefit Poster
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Goodbye VD Benefit Poster

  • 1st Printing $414 $414 $0
  • 1st Printing $414 $414 $0
  • Goodbye VD Benefit
Item Number:
  • FMW710505-PO
  • May 5, 1971
  • 17" x 21"

The times were changing. By mid-1971, 'make love not war' became 'spread love not clap,' and this concert benefited outreach for a very practical health issue. Graphic in language and clever in the plays on words, the poster got the message out via cartoon. In addition to the performers, a Lenny Bruce cartoon, in which he played the voices, was shown. Years later, a San Francisco lass was heard to introduce herself at local parties as the girl who was voted "Miss Clap" at this concert.