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Wolfgang’s Vault offers a unique collection of the greatest images of modern art born of the Rock and Roll era. Many of the posters and photographs within our hold can be found nowhere else and offer unique graphic inspiration for the walls of the most discriminating home or business client that still wants to project a spirited and bold identity.

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LSH660121-06-01, Trips Festival at Longshoremen's Hall, January 1st, 1966. Photographer Gene Anthony
* photos have been altered
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  • LSH660121-06-01, Trips Festival at Longshoremen's Hall, January 1st, 1966. Photographer Gene Anthony
  • JSP0034-02, The Who, 1971. Photographer Joseph Sia
  • BG074, BG051, BG075: 3 Historic Bill Graham Series posters from 1967
  • SHO900505-01, Eric Clapton at Shoreline Amphitheatre May 5, 1990. Photographer Ken Friedman
  • BG158, Chuck Berry & Mike Bloomfield at the Fillmore West January 30-February 2, 1969. Artist Randy Tuten
  • BG090, Pink Floyd & Lee Michaels at the Fillmore Auditorium October 26-28, 1967. Artist Bonnie MacLean
  • SFT661031-02-01, Ken Kesey's Bus “Further” at the San Francisco State Acid Test, October 31, 1966. Photographer Gene Anthony
  • PBS680505-01, Grateful Dead at Central Park Bandshell, May 5, 1968. Photographer Joseph Sia
  • FME710605-07-31, John Lennon & Yoko Ono at the Fillmore East June 5, 1971. Photographer Joseph Sia
  • BG074, Jefferson Airplane & the Grateful Dead at O'keefe Center, Toronto, Canada July 31-August 5, 1967. Artist James H. Gardner, Photographer Herb Greene
  • GAP0080-01, Nude, City of San Francisco 1967. Photographer Gene Anthony
  • BG068, The Who at the Fillmore Auditorium June 16-17, 1967. Artist Bonnie MacLean + JSP0131-01, Jimmy Page, 1975. Photographer Joseph Sia + JSP0057-20, Pete Townshend. Photographer Joseph Sia
  • MSG691127-02-01, Keith Richards at Madison Square Garden, November 27, 1969. Photographer Joseph Sia + BG289, The Rolling Stones at Winterland, June 6-8, 1972. Artist David Singer
  • BG140, BG222, BG193, BG105, BG136: Historic Bill Graham Series posters from 1967-1970
  • BGP093, Phish at the Warfield Theatre, May 26-27, 1994. Artist Harry Rossit
  • WDS690815-17, Sly Stone at Woodstock, August 15, 1969. Photographer Joseph Sia
  • PNH661006-01, Ken Kesey's bus “Further”, Panhandle San Francisco, October 6, 1966. Photographer Gene Anthony
  • BG203, Jethro Tull at the Fillmore West, November 20-23, 1969. Artist Randy Tuten
  • OCS770509, Pink Floyd at Oakland Coliseum Stadium, May 9, 1977. Artist Randy Tuten
  • WOO681117-03, Jimi Hendrix at Woolsey Hall, November 17, 1968. Photographer Joseph Sia
  • BG170, Led Zeppelin at the Fillmore West, April 24-27, 1969. Photographer Peter Pynchon, Artist Randy Tuten
  • BG038, Grateful Dead, James Cotton at the Fillmore Auditorium, November 18-20, 1966. Artist Wes Wilson
  • BG227, Grateful Dead & Miles Davis at the Fillmore West, April 9-12, 1970. Artist David Singer
  • JSP0014-19A, Robert Plant at the Newport Jazz Festival, July 6, 1969. Photographer Joseph Sia
  • F162, Johnny Cash at the Fillmore Auditorium, September 26, 1994. Artist Randy Tuten
  • GAP0017-06, Grateful Dead at 710 Ashbury Street, 1967. Photographer Gene Anthony