The Clash Women's T-Shirt

Kezar Pavilion (San Francisco, CA) Oct 13, 1979 (KZP791013-WR)

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  • The Clash
  • The Cramps
  • Dead Kennedys
  • The Rebels
  • Tour/Show: Take the Fifth
  • Type: Crew Neck
  • Date: Oct 13, 1979
  • Venue: Kezar Pavilion (San Francisco, CA)
  • Price: $36.00
  • Members: $18.75
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Nearing the end of their highly successful Take the Fifth tour, The Clash and Dead Kennedys played the Kezar to a spit-drenched, sweat-soaked, high-flying crowd milling about in 'festival seating' [code word: chaos] accommodations. The atmosphere outside the auditorium was hostile, pitting punks in ripped t-shirts, leather accoutrements and spiked hair against horn-honking hoi polloi, and the atmosphere backstage hit a new low, or high, too, depending upon on one's viewpoint. Promoter and perfectionist Bill Graham insulted the British socio-political punk phenoms, saying "... Punk rock ain't music, it's shit..." prompting an attack by their already wired road manager, Johnny Green. Not a smart move, given the well-paid security backstage.