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Cow Palace (San Francisco, CA) Sep 5, 1980 (COW800905-MR)

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  • AC/DC
  • Nantucket
  • Tour/Show: Bill Graham's Crackers
  • Artist:
    • Randy Tuten
  • Type: Jersey Ringer
  • Date: Sep 5, 1980
  • Venue: Cow Palace (San Francisco, CA)
  • Price: $36.00
  • Members: $27.00
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A big fan of basketball, Bill Graham organized regular games before his concerts, pitting himself and his staff, a.k.a. Bill Graham's Crackers, against a variety of opponents including touring musicians, their roadies and crew. These basketball games became one of the long-standing traditions of the Fillmores East and West and originated the Fillmore staff jersey. This Crackers logo, a "cracker" saluting with the trademark Graham "finger," was repeated on t-shirts for many competitions.