Day on the Green Men's Vintage T-Shirt
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Day on the Green Men's Vintage T-Shirt

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Bill Graham anticipated the national trend towards huge outdoor rock concert events that answered new industry demands: the bands' for maximum profit with minimum fan exposure, and the fans' for maximum band exposure at minimum cost. In 1973, Graham introduced San Francisco to his first Day on the Green at Kezar Stadium. The event, and the many others held at the Oakland Coliseum, was special and combined Graham's familiar balloons and posters with giant sets and urgent medical care for the sensorily-sated in a theatre-like atmosphere. Day on the Green became code for outdoor music immersion.

This item was part of Bill Graham's personal collection and shows some damage from the May 7, 1985 firebombing of his San Francisco office. The attack stemmed from Graham's open and honest criticism of President Reagan's visit to Bitburg Cemetery published in the San Francisco Chronicle.