Frank Zappa Handbill

Fillmore West (San Francisco, CA) Nov 5, 1970 (BG255-HB)

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  • Frank Zappa
  • Mothers of Invention
  • Boz Scaggs
  • Ashton Gardner and Dyke
  • Little Princess #109
  • Artist:
    • David Singer
  • Date: Nov 5, 1970 -
    Nov 8, 1970
  • Venue: Fillmore West (San Francisco, CA)
  • Size: 4 11/16" x 7"
  • Price: $69.00
  • Members: $62.10
1st Printing $69 $62.10
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Frank Zappa made an appearance at the Fillmore West in this Singer design featuring lettering he recently developed on BG254.

The handbill was only printed once before the concert and presents a calendar of upcoming Bill Graham events on the reverse. It measures 4 11/16" x 7".

There were also some pre-concert postcard mailers printed that were conjoined with the BG256 image (see BG255/256). They measure 7" x 9 1/4".

Concert promoters created handbill versions of many of their posters and used them as sidewalk handouts and dashboard fliers to promote upcoming shows. Many of the handbills are double-sided, with poster art on one side and a calendar of upcoming shows on the other. These handbills represent an important element of rock concert history because they were hands-on marketing tools that united promoter and patron.