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Longshoreman's Hall (San Francisco, CA) Jan 21, 1966 (LSH660121-05-01-FP)

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Photography Q & A

  All images on this site are copyrighted.

Photographic prints sold through Wolfgang’s Vault are intended for private use only. Your purchase of photographic print(s) does not convey any rights with respect to the copyright of the image. Reproduction, publishing, posting, broadcasting, transmitting, or distribution of any purchased photographic print(s), in any commercial or editorial manner, is strictly prohibited.

  What are the different categories of photographs that I see on your site?

There are four categories of photography here at the Vault:

  • Fine Art Prints are the highest quality photographic prints in the Vault, primarily Silver Gelatin and C-Prints, created with painstaking attention to detail and the craft of printing. This category is comprised of the photography of Baron Wolman, Michael Zagaris, Joseph Sia, Gene Anthony, Philip Melnick, and Jim Marshall. Our Fine Art Prints collection also includes an exceptional collection of rock concert photography created by the staff photographers of Bill Graham Presents from the early 1970s to the early 2000s.
  • Vintage Prints are original prints from these same photographers, but typically printed and processed within one year of the original negative. Each of these prints is a slice-of-life view of the rock concert phenomenon. The subtle signs of aging in some of these prints only add to their veracity. The print varieties represent a range from the rarest-of-rare Dye Transfers, to Silver Gelatin, to everyday RC. The slight yellowing of a Silver Gelatin print and almost imperceptible loss of true color in color prints are the gentle patina born of age that help make these in-concert shots, portraits, and backstage candids of early rockers and their milieu so outstanding.
  • Promo Prints were part of the press kits handed out to the media as advance advertising for concert tours and record releases.
  • Limited Edition photographs by famed rock photographers Baron Wolman, Joe Sia, and Michael Zagaris are only available at Wolfgang’s Vault. This rare selection of 15 hand-picked prints have never before been made available to the public and feature candid shots of rock's foremost legends including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, the Who, Led Zeppelin, the Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, Frank Zappa, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Dylan, and Ray Charles.

  What are the different print types I see on your site?

There are many different methods and materials used to produce a photograph. The print type can be found in the drop-down menu to the right of the detail image of any given photograph.

  • Silver Gelatin Prints, also referred to on the site as “SG” prints, are more commonly known as black and white prints. The term is derived from the gelatin emulsion in the photographic paper, which contains light-sensitive silver salts that react to light exposure. Silver Gelatin photographic papers are available in a wide range of tones and surfaces, from fiber-based to resin coated. Our Silver Gelatin Fine Art prints are produced on fiber-based Ilford paper by Alissa Marquis, an expert printer with over 20 years of experience.
  • C-Prints (Chromogenic Prints) are color prints made from high resolution scans of color slides and negatives. The term “chromogenic” is of Greek origin, meaning “color-forming.” C-prints are called color-coupler prints, which refers to the chemistry of the process in which colored dyes are coupled with light-silver compounds. Our C-Prints are printed at Dickerman Prints, a leading digital printer here in San Francisco. An Italian-made Polielettronica Laser Lab 76 printer prints on genuine photographic paper (Fuji Crystal Archive Super Type C Paper), which utilizes a traditional chemical process. The result is a truly beautiful photographic print, featuring color that is rich and continuous in tone. The archival stability is rated over 100 years in ideal conditions. This archival rating is based on research provided by the Wilhelm Research Institute.
  • Cibachrome Prints are also color prints made from color slides or negatives. The term Cibachrome refers to the trademarked photographic paper Cibachrome, as well as the process of making prints with such paper. Cibachromes can generally be distinguished from C-prints on the basis of the ultra-glossy, almost mirror-like reflective quality of the paper and a standard black, rather than white, border. Cibachromes are also distinguished by the especially vivid colors of these prints, which are due to the Azo dyes in the emulsion layers of the cibachrome paper. Cibachrome is a registered trademark of Ilford Photo Corp. Ilford has now renamed the process “Ilfochrome.”
  • RC Prints, short for Resin-Coated prints, are color or black and white photographs printed on a photographic paper that has been coated with polyethylene on both sides. All color photographic papers are printed on RC Paper, and Black and White prints can be printed on either RC or fiber-based paper.
  • Dye Transfer Prints.Once considered the most archival and valuable of color photographic prints, the dye transfer print has a richness of color, depth, and fidelity superior to other color photographic processes. Unfortunately, this particular process was also very expensive and labor intensive, and, as a result, the pioneering producer, Kodak, ceased production of all dye transfer print materials in 1994.
  • Giclee Prints are fine art digital prints created on an ink-jet printer. Our Giclee Prints are printed on German high-gloss, high quality archival paper. The archival stability is rated over 100 years in ideal conditions. This archival rating is based on research provided by the Wilhelm Research Institute.
  • Reproductions.Reproductions are produced using offset printing on glossy, non-photographic paper. The process is used often for pieces that are mass-produced in large quantities and is not a “photograph” in the classic sense of an image printed by an enlarger on silver gelatin emulsion paper.

  How long will it take for my print to arrive?

The Silver Gelatin and C-Print photographs in our Fine Art collection represent the gold standards of photographic reproduction and require a high degree of printmaking skill using archival quality paper and inks. This careful attention to detail allows us to provide a premium work of fine art. Many of our photographs are made to order, so please allow up to 12 business days to ship after your order is placed.

All Vintage, Premium Vintage, and Promo Prints are already in stock and will ship within three business days of when your order is placed. Please note that Fine Art Prints and Limited Editions Photography will be subject to a 10% restocking fee if returned.

  Where does The Vault get its Vintage Prints?

Our Vintage Prints date from 1990 or earlier, and many of them were produced within one year of the original negative. Each print in the Vault is a slice-of-life view of the rock concert phenomenon taken by legendary photographers like Gene Anthony, Michael Zagaris, Baron Wolman, and Herb Greene, who did more than document the era, they lived it. The subtle signs of aging in some of these prints only add to their veracity. The slight yellowing of a Silver Gelatin print and almost imperceptible loss of true color in color prints are the gentle patina born of age that help make these in-concert shots, portraits, and backstage candids of early rockers and their milieu so outstanding.

  Tell me more about your Promo Prints

Promo prints are mass-produced photographs of the band or artist that are included in press kits provided to the media. Also called “publicity stills,” some of these pictures may be familiar to aficionados who remember them from magazines or advertising appearing around the time of specific record releases. Many, however, are never-before-seen shots that will thrill the true fan. The Promo Prints in the Vault’s collection hail from the ‘60s through the new century and are truly exceptional portraits of contemporary performers and legends.

  Do you license images from the Vault for other uses?

We license the use of our Fine Art images to television, film, and other agencies for advertising or other purposes. Please contact us for more information about this new opportunity.

  If I’d like a photograph of an artist that I don’t see listed, is it possible you might have one that is not yet online?

The photographs available at this time are those that we consider to be the very best of the entire collection. Please let us know via the “Contact Us” page or by phone (toll free 1-866-650-0810) if your favorite artist is not represented. We will consider all requests as we continue to add photographs to the website.

  Are there other sizes available for Fine Art prints?

Our standard sizes are listed on our website for all Fine Art Prints. Should you wish to order a larger print size, simply contact us, and we will work with you to customize a print based on your needs.

  How should I care for my photograph from the Vault?

To ensure the longevity of your photograph, it is best to frame your print with archival matting material and UV-filtering glass or Lucite. It is also a good idea to keep your print out of harsh or direct sunlight.


If someone claims to remember all the details from the Trips Festival, the seminal event that put San Francisco smack in the center of psychedelia, he probably wasn't there: no one actually tripping or stripping [of which there was a lot] could possibly have been lucid enough to keep track. From January 21-23, 1966, the open-minded from all over converged at Longshoremen's Hall on Beach Street for a continuous loop of sensory overload that was advertised, promoted and managed like one might push a county fair. Back in the days before euphemisms ruled the land, what you saw was what you got, and a trip was what you got at this festival. Stewart Brand took a good idea and ran with it, putting together an extended Ken Kesey Acid Test that featured the Psychedelic Symphony, the Grateful Dead, Big Brother & The Holding Company, the Hell's Angels, the Open Theatre and America Needs Indians [great idea, bad fit]. The Festival gave the word 'experience' a whole new meaning as music, readings, light shows, dancing, dress up, dress optional and fresh batches of whatever made you happy took over briefly in the Bay area. Bill Graham, who was just beginning to gain steam as a promoter, signed on as de facto organizer and almost lost his mind over the reigning chaos of the first 24 hours. The Trips Festival, however, proved to be Graham's 'initiation rite' into the emerging world of the dance concert which then became the rock concert, and extraordinary photographers like Gene Anthony captured the sights and conjured up the sounds with photographic portraits of this incredible 'good trip.'

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