Crack Down Benefit Pelon
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Crack Down Benefit Pelon

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  • Signed By Performer $1,850 $1,850 $0
  • Oct 31, 1986
  • 16" x 20"

Pelons are extremely rare "practice pieces" for the early t-shirt designs. Before production was initiated, the image or design was tested on cotton cloth or burlap to determine the color and line accuracy of the piece. Only a few of the "tests" were preserved once the design was deemed acceptable and the t-shirt went into production.

Bill Graham revisited his old Bronx neighborhood in August, 1986 and, appalled to see that the drug culture had effectively wiped out the local culture, foresaw a menacing problem in the crack craze. He teamed with David Maldonado to stage a Crack Benefit in the city, but scaled back plans several times since few shared his apprehension. Ultimately, two concerts were held; one in Madison Square Garden and the other, an all-Latin show at the Felt Forum the following night. This poster was designed by immensely popular pop-artist Keith Haring.

The Vault is very pleased to have in our possession and to offer for sale this original period pelon, signed by more than 26 of the concert performers.