Amnesty International Benefit Handbill
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Amnesty International Benefit Handbill

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  • Amnesty International Benefit
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  • NEH880930-C-HB
  • Sep 30, 1988
  • 9" x 12 1/2"

Bill Graham personally oversaw the preparation of the venue in New Delhi for the '88 Amnesty tour stop. Graham reacted strongly when he read in the local papers that the tour was coming to the city to celebrate that newspaper's anniversary, and quickly took over media management. The stage was constructed without the use of power tools, and there was considerable wrangling over the use of the stadium field. Police were prepared to be brutal, and Graham had to intervene for a youth who tried to jump the stage. There was humor, however; in the huge crowd, Graham ran into a few Deadheads from the States, in New Delhi attending medical school. This poster made clear that Peter Gabriel was performing on behalf of Amnesty International.