Bobby Seale Handbill
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Bobby Seale Handbill

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  • Revolutionary Intercommunal Day of Solidarity
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  • Mar 5, 1971
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Huey Newton and Bobby Seale founded the Black Panther Party in Oakland, California, 1966. With the death of Malcolm X in 1965, the Black Panthers sought to further the African-American civil rights movement and fill the void in leadership within the African-American community.

The party was one of the first organizations in U.S. history to militantly struggle for ethnic minority and working class emancipation. The group created a Ten-Point Program which included the power to determine the destiny of black and oppressed communities, full employment, decent housing and education, free health care, an end to police brutality and all wars of aggression, freedom for all black and oppressed people held in prisons and jails, trials by a jury of peers, land, bread, clothing, justice, peace and community control of modern technology.