Blues Traveler Poster
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Blues Traveler Poster

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  • New Year's Eve 1993
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  • RBN931230-PO
  • Dec 30, 1993
  • 24" x 31 9/16"

New York graphic artist Tim Vega was closely associated with the artistic representation of Blues Traveler, and his artwork is considered by many to express the band's unique energy and sound. Their Cool-Cat logo, Vega's design, appeared in the center of this poster, and the artist drew an album cover, T-shirt logos and other paraphernalia for the group. Warren Haynes, the vocalist/guitarist credited with putting "the fire back" in the Allman Brothers Band, also appeared at this New Year's Eve concert and, interestingly, later developed a pet project, Gov't Mule, with which Vega became associated. Tim Vega died in his sleep in April, 2002, and his concert posters have become sought-after examples of his eclectic artistic style.