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Backstage at the Vault

By the time the crowd enters and the music starts, much of the magic has been brewing a long while before the lights go up. Stage hands, riggers, light and sound guys, ambiance crews, caterers, management, and other production staff have been at it for days and oftentimes weeks to make the show happen. Backstage is a whole 'nother world where the illusion is created. Props are built, wardrobe is racked, monitors and screens are hung, and the electric cord is plugged in. No one fostered a fuller concert-going experience than Bill Graham.

Bill Graham promoted over 30,000 shows, 800 for the Grateful Dead, complete with full parades, New Year's babies, balloon drops, and flying joints. He believed in giving patrons and performers "the extra parsley on the plate," which meant a flower in every seat, champagne and Thanksgiving dinners for the crowd, pins for special shows, and a poster at the door on the way out.

He didn't stop there. For the crews and bands, he handed out commemorative mugs, water bottles and gym bags, patches and key chains. In some cases there were specialty items, like after-dinner robes for Nirvana, a Rod Stewart soccer ball, or a straight-jacket for Marilyn Manson. To get backstage, one needs special access that is granted only to holders of the coveted backstage pass. Depending on specific colors or makings, these come with different levels of access from "special seating" to "VIP tent" to the stage door and dressing room.

Wolfgang's Vault has a massive collection of these cherished tchotchkes (one of Graham's favorite words), backstage access passes and more, many of which date from the 1970s and '80s. Whether you're looking for books, vintage magazines, calendars, "can't get anywhere else" wrapping paper, or rarities, it's all Backstage at the Vault. Declare your level of access with a walk through the corridors. It's a part of the live event most people never get to see!