Art of Passion Poster
Art of Passion Poster
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Art of Passion Poster

  • 1st Printing $90 $90 $0 Mint
  • 1st Printing $90 $90 $0 Mint
  • Art of Passion
Item Number:
  • INP930212-PO
  • Feb 12, 1993
  • 19" x 28 1/2"
About Mark Arminski

Considered a leader in the new school of rock 'n' roll posters, Mark Arminski has painted the landscape of Detroit and beyond with his signature pieces of concert art. Influenced by artists like Gary Grimshaw and Carl Lundgren, his studies in graphic art and printmaking fueled his bold, brash style. Arminski is notable for bridging the gap between the psychedelic art of the 1960s and the grunge aesthetic of the early 1990s, and he has emerged as a genuine equal among his own mentors, doing gallery shows with Grimshaw, Stanley Mouse and Wes Wilson.